Turtle Tank Waterfall

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On this webpage I'll cover how to build a waterfall for an aquatic turtle tank. This is not so much a guide on pet turtle care as it is for the structures found in a turtle tank. This could also be appropriate for certain types of newts and frogs; and if you were to build this in a much larger format it would make a nice waterfall for a chinese water dragon.

turtle habitat

When trying to build cage furniture for turtle tanks you might want to search the net for good pictures of what ever structures you want to make.

In this case, we're looking for pics of waterfalls. There's nothing like having a good source to look at when trying to get inspiration for your turtle habitat landscape. Turtle aquariums come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you have a big enough tank to create your waterfall. First I picked a pump water filter called the Tetra Repto Filter. This is a pump that also doubles as a water filter so you might not have to clean the cage as much.

Be sure and watch the video below on how to create a waterfall for an aquatic turtle tank.

Check out the Materials List video for everything you need to build these projects on this site!

Be sure to research if the pet you have or are going to get would appreciate having a waterfall in it's tank. Some creatures prefer still water as opposed to water in motion and thus would not like to have a loud and action filled aquarium. To create the base of the waterfall I used sheets of polystyrene. I cut out shapes with a hot wire from the Hot Wire Foam Factory; and glued them together with an adhesive called Loctite's Power Grab. The goal was to hide the filter in such a way that it would appear there was a real waterfall in the turtle habitat. turtle habitat Once I created a basic covering for the pump, I tried to add as much detail as I could by creating small rocks and carving with the hot wire into the styrofoam. When decorating turtle tanks you will want to create a basking rock further away form the output of the waterfall.

Once the carving was done, I proceeded to the stage of foam coat. This is also available at the Hot Wire Foam Factory as well as other tools and products. Just follow the directions they give you and mix accordingly. I usually mix more water then they suggest because I'm used to a slightly thiner mix.

turtle habitat

I applied 2 coats of Foam Coat letting each coat dry 24hrs in between. Then I mixed a thicker batch to try and add more detail; this is the consistency of thin clay. This stage is much more understandable if you watch the above video on how to build a waterfall for an aquatic turtle tank.

I let the structure dry for a couple of days and then proceeded to the painting stage. First I mixed white acrylic paint with black, and then mixed in water in a spray bottle. I covered the turtle habitat waterfall in a light grey, and then moved on to apply more intricate detail. I changed some rocks to a brown color and others to a green or beige -trying to create a more colorfull mix. I added some flowers and moss and generally tried to give the illusion of aged weathered rock. turtle habitat When creating basking spots for turtle tanks you'll want to measure the height as to where the spot should be -so that it's right above the water line. After finishing the painting i moved onto the sealing stage.

I used an acrylic non-toxic sealer for the first four layers for the aquatic turtle tank waterfall. The sealent is called Shields All and can be found on my FAQ page. After the acrylic, I applied one good layer of aquarium grade silicone to all of the areas that would be submerged in water or have water running on it 24/7. I then let it dry for a week outside in a container.

turtle habitat

Be sure to watch the video above on how to build a waterfall for a turtle habitat! The video contains a full voice over showing every step of this process of creating a waterfall for an aquarium.