A different idea for creating a solar system

Here's a different idea for creating a solar system.
First, gather five Styrofoam balls of the same size; these will
be your planets, then get a really big Styrofoam ball that is
about four times bigger than the rest; this will be your sun.
Next, paint the five balls with any kind of paint you want! One
ball will be pink, one green, and the rest will be blue. Get
some black yarn and hot glue them to the top, then proceed to
glue the unglued side of the pieces of yarn to the ceiling of a
cardboard box, spacing them out evenly at two inches. It doesn't matter the order in which you put them in; they're all
technically in the same place. Next, paint your sun, again, with any paint type of your choice, but not in purple! Put this in front of the middle of your other planets. Also, don't forget a flashlight so people can see inside of your box; it is dark for a reason, because the real outer space is dark! Finally, you can relax and display your solar system for all to see, but just remember to leave everyone a note that they must look inside to see the solar system!

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