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Summer or winter crafts for kids and adults

Here at the fake rock hub you'll find a link to every fake rock project on this web site (scroll down below). These projects are perfect summer crafts for kids (or winter crafts for kids -or any time of the year crafts for anybody of any age!!!) Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with good summer craft ideas to keep you busy. There should be something for everyone here as there are quite a few interesting and fun projects on this web page.

All the projects on this site are created with a lizard or tarantula living on it in mind. But, I assume there are a lot of people who might just want to build these projects for the fun of it. My main point is all of these projects were built with safety in mind concerning a pet lizard living in a nontoxic environment. The sealant stage -when properly done, is what makes these projects nontoxic to a pet lizard.

If you attempt to build any of the projects (concerning lizard cages or any other use) on this website it is at your own risk, specifically at the risk of your own pet. Lizard-landscapes.com cannot be held responsible for accident or injury pertaining to the use of the techniques described on this website -be carefull!!.

How about a model castle? Everyone, kids and adults, have probably always wanted to build a castle. Check out this basic castle for you or your kids to build. model castle Or, I do have an advanced castle for those of you who want a little bit more of a challenge. I don't know if this one could be classified as summer kids activities as it's difficulty level is quite high. Check it out anyway here at build an advanced model castle.

model castle

If you are in fact trying to create a "lizard landscape" for a pet lizard this beginner project will introduce you to some very basic fake rock techniques. It might be a good idea to start here by creating this beginner fake rock project. Below. fake rock

Another fun project would be creating your own little model city. Combine this with other summer craft ideas to create a sprawling metropolis. Build a model city here. Of course, a great reason for building a model city is so your pet lizard can attack it -and pretend he's Godzilla.

model city

One of the oldest projects of course would be a model volcano. This is one of the more popular school projects we all had to build. These instructions take a slightly different approach to building a model volcano.

model volcano

If you're looking for summer crafts for kids, look no further than building a spaceship with a lunar landscape. This Moon model project.(below) would be perfect to create and learn at the same time. moon model

All of these projects would be ideal to come up with summer craft ideas or winter activities for kids and adults. A great fall activity for any one might be creating your own model haunted house! Check out these techniques for creating your own little haunted house model.

model haunted house

Another project to put on your fun summer crafts list would be creating a little tree. This is really more appropriate for a pet lizard or tarantula in which to live. But I could see where one could incorporate this -or something like this into their garden. Check out the instructions on how to build a fake rock tree.(right)

fake tree

Here's an intermediate level fake rock mountain for your pet lizard, snake or spider on which to play. This one will give you a little bit more difficulty level than the beginner fake rock project listed above. rock wall

I also have a series of very advanced projects that could be referred to as summer crafts for kids as long as they have their parents help them. The first one is the largest project on this web site, and it kind of resembles a model of the grand canyon. This project was quite difficult and extremely time consuming. I currently have my pet lizard -which is a bearded dragon living on this structure. But obviously these types of craft ideas could be easily implemented with other ideas such as creating model railroad landscapes.

rock wall

In addition, I have a couple of waterfall landscapes. The first being a red rock canyon waterfall.(below)This was also a very difficult and time consuming project. waterfall model

The other waterfall landscape is a grey rock -rain forest themed waterfall. Both of these waterfalls incorporate a concept of camouflaging a water pump filtration system in order to make the waterfall look more realistic.

model waterfall

So, search this page for fun summer crafts for kids or adults -and winter crafts for kids or adults. Hopefully these projects will inspire a large list of summer craft ideas!

Alot of these ideas are perfect for school projects, like the model volcano. Hopefully these projects are educational as well, and might be perfect to cure the summer blues or winter doldrums.

So peruse the rest of this website and when you get done with one project start on the next one!