A kids volcano project

Almost every child dreams of the science fair as robots and lasers. Most people know that in reality, this is not true but really tests on paper towel strength and flammability test in the older grades. But mine most people know as the science fair stereo type, the well-known model volcano. It was a sunny day in mid-august and it was already time for the science fair, I went home and eagerly started my project.

At ten years old I set up a plaster volcano mold and poured in the plaster, 1 hr. later I painted it, it was magnificent. I recorded all my data and watched as my father poured in the chemicals. I was only a third grader at the time and not trusted with things as simple as vinegar and baking soda. The bubbling volcano was oozing out red colored bubbles so fast, my mind was so blown! I didn?t realize the stench until it landed all over my shoes, the floor and the cat.

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