Airborne solar system

When I was much younger, I had the idea of entering a solar system model into my school's science fair. The model was going to be the best ever (or so I thought.) I spent what I felt were days and days (but were actually a few hours over the course of a few days) on mixing plaster, glues, flour, water, and paints and bending wires and all manner of engineering that would make the thing rotate and light up. I really felt I had done a job that would rival the best at the fair. I had it done just a few hours before the fair set-up time was to begin at the school. It was still a little wet and my solar system was a bit large but too very heavy and so I needed help to move it around for those remaining few hours before the opening of the science fair doors. So I had a friend give me and my creation a ride in his pickup truck. The school was a good distance away and we had to drive along a high speed road to get there. The speed limit back then was 55 MPH but of course few people went so slow on a super highway. This included my pal and his truck. On the fastest part of the road, he was going probably about 70 MPH and my solar system became airborne. I could just hear it lifting off as I turned around to look in the bed of the truck. Up the worlds came, something like a flying saucer would, and off it flew across many lanes of traffic and it did something very unexpected. The balls that were the planets started coming loose and going every which-way around the moving cars. Then the platform crashed into a big highway sign, shattered into a million parts and the balls bounced everywhere. I couldn't move or speak as I watched it all explode. The one thought that came into my head though was “I wonder if this is anything like what the end of the world will be like?”

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