baby beardie sleep!

by rachael

I recently bought a baby beardie. Shes amazing but we always had trouble with her sleeping. She refused to adjust to a normal sleep schedule. She would be up at night and be cold and cranky in the morning then try to sleep all day. We figured out why a few weeks ago. My friends parents have had like 10 beardies. They told us that it was probably our bulb. We used an infared bulb for her at night. It put off a bit of light and it just happened to upset her. So they told us to find one with no light. We ended up buying a ceramic heat thing. It puts off no light and is shaped kind of like a plate. It works amazing. Plus we started putting a rag in her cage at bedtime. Now she crawls in the rag like a tired little puppy, turns around a couple times then goes to bed. She sleeps all night now.

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