Bearded Dragon assignment

Today I am going to tell you the story of my lizard. I am from zoology and that?s why I was involved in a project concerning reptiles. I did deep study and specialization on reptiles like lizards and snakes. I learned something special from there. I requested to my team leader to give me a lizard as a pet. And in fun I kept a lizard with me. My team leader suggested me to keep a bearded dragon as a pet. Bearded dragon ? normally bearded dragons are found in rocky places. Most of the dragon species are found in Australia. If we talk about its physical appearance it has got a triangular head and flattened body. According to its
name the snout is covered with a spiky flap. Bearded dragons are more popular among children due to their friendly nature and attractive body appearance. I did pay close attention on my bearded dragon which was with me as a pet.

I kept it in a small tank because of its small size, it was a baby bearded dragon. And I changed its shelter space according to its growing size. Generally every week baby dragons grow about one
inch. This dragons can survive in almost any condition. With this dragon there was no tension about its food and shelter. It used to eat everything like fruits, vegetables and insects. But it prefer to eat green leafs. As I knew this bearded dragon mostly found in central Australia region where food is often provided for them. So I used to give leafs to my bearded dragon. Sometimes I used to see this dragon eat insects like silkworms. I knew some insects may be dangerous for my bearded dragon due to pesticides factors (or
fireflies, never feed fireflies to a bearded Dragon -they are poisonous). So do your proper research andfind out if a bearded Dragon is the right pet lizard for you.

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