Bearded Dragon bathing

This is the time I gave my bearded dragon his first bath. I recently had read that I am supposed to give my bearded dragon a bath once a month. I filled the bath tub to about 2 inches of warm water. I placed my lizard into the tub. He didn't know what to make of it. It was funny watching him move around in the water, although he didn't move very much. I tried putting a cricket in the water so he would chase it but it didn't appeal to him. I splashed water on him to get him nice and clean. After that I dried him off with a towel. That was hard because his claws kept on getting caught in it. Finally I brought him back to his tank and he climbed up his log and warmed himself up. It was a really fun, and funny experience. Bearded Dragons as well as other lizards can be very entertaining, and can contribute more than you think they would to you and your family's life.

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