bearded dragon bonding

When my son said he wanted to keep a lizard as his pet, I was shocked. I never thought he would ask something as such. Why a lizard? But then his friend had an iguana, so he too wanted to keep lizards. Well, I was left with no choice but to get him a pet lizard. So that was how we got Brink, our bearded dragon. He
looked well, just like a lizard looks. But my kid was very happy. I felt him to be pretty dangerous earlier, but then he looked pretty friendly. Within a week, I felt a strong association getting built up
between my kid and Brink.

He would always hide somewhere in my kid's bedroom. But as soon as my kid would come home and Brink would come out of his hiding and keep staring at my kid. It seemed a good bonding was developing between them. My kid would take him out and show his friends. His friends too -find it really cool and my son gained respect and importance in front of them. I feel any animal, be it a dog or any reptile when it becomes close with human beings, they develop a sense of strong bonding, which is really amazing.

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