Bearded Dragon cage issues

My family gave me a Bearded Dragon when I was a child. This Bearded Dragon, named Thor, was a really friendly pet. He did have one little problem when we first got him though. We had a very big stand up aquarium for him to stay in, filled with tree limbs for climbing, a water dish, a food dish, and it had a fluorescent heating light at the top of the cage. When we first put him in the cage, he would constantly thrash about and the tree limbs we had put inside would create so much noise. One day he thrashed so hard he broke the aquarium so we had to buy another aquarium. While at the pet store, the owner of the store was speaking to my mother about caring for the animal. We learned that we had too many tree branches inside the aquarium and that Thor was feeling claustrophobic (fear of enclosed places).

He suggested using only two moderately sized tree limbs as well as a basking rock and a little house for him to hide in. We also didn't know that we had to decontaminate the limbs and rocks and bowls before placing them inside of the aquarium, but the owner said that wiping them down with water and letting them bake in the sun for a day would be sufficient for Thor. After buying the lizard house and finding a good sized rock, we cleaned them off and let them sit in the sun for a day inside a box to keep things out of it, then placed them in the cage. Ever since then Thor had no problems with his home. The biggest thing you can take from this is not to overcrowd your aquarium and provide a basking rock to help your Bearded Dragon get settled in to a new home.

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