Bearded Dragon -not interested in brumation (hibernation).

Well, it's interesting, my bearded Dragon decided to have a very short brumation this past winter. He went to sleep his usual time which was around late September, and I proceeded to give him baths every one to two weeks. I always leave his Mercury vapor
bulb on all winter, and after a bath I'll put him back in his cage and try to encourage him to go into his cave where he was sleeping just 30 minutes before.

Occasionally he will climb up to his basking spot as if to say "I remember this". He did just that one day and I didn't think anything of it until I got home from work, and he was still
there! So then I tried to encourage him once again to go back into his cave, but he kept climbing out and back onto his basking spot. When this happened it was around January 1st, well before his usual mid-March wake up tradition. So I eventually just
started offering greens for breakfast, and he eventually started eating them. I remember jokingly showing him (out the window) all of the snow on the ground to see if that might jar his memory that he should be in hibernation. He never went back to snoozin' and has been awake ever since. I thought the whole brumation thing was more about detecting the humidity levels in a bearded dragons environment; apparently they've got a much more complex system of knowing what time is appropriate to exit their slumber. It's either that or my bearded Dragon is losing his natural lizard survival

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