Building a castle on a rainy day.

Our Castle... It was a rainy day and I decided to do something that was exciting with the kids to keep them busy. We decided to build a castle and proceeded to do so with a huge cardboard box that was lying around. We managed to build the roof of the castle, the rooms and even managed with the help of a bath tub to put in a moat and using the various toys that the children had we put in a prince and princess, various cars some water animals were placed in the moat along with paper boards. All kinds of toys like GI Joes, aircrafts, tea sets, kitchen sets, and the likes were used. The children let their imagination run wild and we found that the whole room was being occupied by the castle we decided to build.

By lunch time the children were so excited that they took their lunches into the room and sat around eating and talking about the various toys they had used to make up the castle. Everything was going well until the doorbell rang and the courier boy stepped in to deliver a letter. The dog that was kept outside rushed in and all hell broke loose as the children tried to restrain him from frolicking around and upsetting the whole show, knocking over the tub of water in the bargain. Anyway we managed to get things cleared up and I promised them we would build the castle again the next day, if everyone was good and had an afternoons nap.

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