dragons for pets!

We bought new bearded dragons for our house. My children want to have bearded dragons as a pet in the house. So we bought these bearded dragons. The sales man said all the details about the bearded dragons. He said that it is omnivorous and they can eat both insects and plants. He also said that they are going to
get very large. They eat many kinds of foods. They will be active in the day time and they are gentle animals to handle. He appreciated that it requires only a little care from the owner, in addition he said
that it's readily available and it is very inexpensive.

My children were very happy to have bearded dragons in the house. They always play with the bearded dragons. After school time they used to play with the bearded dragons, and they bring their school friends to show their pet bearded dragons to them. After three months, the bearded dragons are thought of as family members in the home. At first i was not interested to buy the bearded dragons for our house but now we all enjoy playing with the bearded dragons.

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