Edible model castle

The project was to make a castle sculpture, of any scene
or object we liked. The catch? Every part of it had to be
edible. That's right, the entire thing had to be made out
of food. Some people baked cakes. Others went for the
tried-and-true tradition of gingerbread houses. One
person made a sculpture almost entirely out of sugar
cubes. Me, I attempted to make a model castle out of
crackers, using peanut butter to stick them together.
Unfortunately, while I had great and expansive ideas for
the architecture of the castle, I didn't leave myself
enough time to perfect the engineering.

Peanut butter turned out not to be the most reliable form of glue, and I didn't have enough time left to experiment with other
sticky substances. The castle ended up being little more
than a frame composed of wobbly stacks of crackers.
Luckily, once the presentation was over, all the
sculptures were eaten. There's no need to worry about
structural integrity when your load-bearing walls are
disappearing into your audience's stomachs!

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