Erupting volcano model

I made a model volcano for one of my science classes
once. It was for a third of my grade. The written part
was worth way more then the model but I was going to get
extra credit if it would erupt. I finished the written
part in a couple of days and started to collect
everything for the volcano it's self. I got some metal
coat hangers some aluminium foil and some spray paint to
start. I bent the hangers to hold the shape of the
aluminium foil. Once it kinda looked like a mountain.

I spray painted the aluminium foil with brown and black
while sprinkling some dirt on it to give it texture. I
then placed a water bottle in the center with a mixture
of soap, water, vinegar, and food coloring. When I was in
class to make it erupt I just put some baking soda in a
piece of toilet paper and dropped it into the bottle. It
erupted pretty well. I should have made it sure the
aluminium foil was attached to the bottle better cause a
lot of it fell inside the mountain then on the outside.

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