Fantasy castle

There once was a little girl named promise, promise loved
to play with her Barbie and bratz dolls. She also loved
the movie Shrek, her favorite part of the movie is when
they would tell the story of the prince rescuing the
princess from the dragons castle. Promise always wondered
what it would be like to live in a castle so she thought,
?maybe I should build a castle.? Promise took a long
deep thought on how she was going to construct the model
and how big it would be. She thought about the color and
shape of the castle and who would live in it.

So she finally settled with her plans on how to build the
castle. She would need three bricks for the walls of the
castle, paint, for the color of the castle and eight
sticks for the roof of the castle. Once promise finished
building her castle she was happy and wanted to show
everyone, however she needed her finishing touch. She
thought instead of just having a castle with no one to
live in it, how about I have a castle built just for me,
princess promise, she showed all the children her
princess promise castled and lived a happy life.

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