Great first reptile!

My first reptiles were a pair of bearded dragons and they have been great starter reptiles. I find them very rewarding and although they can take a bit of effort to start with they bond strongly with their owners and I have had many laughs with them.I read before I got them that they liked to be housed on their own but my pair greatly enjoy each others company and when one of them got lost under a rock they other seemed almost depressed(I will just add here that my pair were from the same batch of eggs and have never spent a day apart so I dont know if it would be the same for ones that had come from different places). They have added a great amount to my life. The only thing I would say is make sure there is a reptile vet around your area or somebody experienced with them you can turn to, the breeder of my pair has been there for all my worries since the day I got them.

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