Happy solar system

Making a model solar system model was really interesting. It was a project my daughter selected for her science club last year.
The request came from her to bring materials required for the project, while I was at work. The list was a lengthy one which included one glass ball, nine rubber balls of different sizes
starting from the size of a marble to the size of a cricket ball, nylon thread used in fishing, three lamps of different wattage, glue, nails, hooks, thick plastic transparent sheet, one plywood board of three by two feet and a cardboard box of three by two with a two feet height as well. A marble sized rubber ball was an impossible one to get among the list; I had
to settle with a marble instead, but all other things was procured after a two hour long search in various shops in the city. I had to sit with her late into the night working as per her directions in scouring, threading those balls, connecting wires, nailing the plywood, securing the board in the box. By the time the project was ready I almost qualified as a handyman. Once the power was switched on, there it is, the model solar system shining with those lights. Rather than the prize she got for the project, my happiness was to see the merriment on her
face late in that night when the project was ready.

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