Haunted gingerbread house

Two years ago around Halloween my son and I decided we wanted to make a Ginger Bread haunted house for Halloween, so we went out to the store bought a kit and brought it home. However in doing it we decided it was basically junk, as it wasnt staying together properly and it was just all in all "dumpy" looking. So we were disappointed and headed back out to the stores to try and find something better; we could not.

So in our minds we decided if we couldnt find a better kit to make we could put our heads together and come up with one on our own. So we purchased many different materials at the store, all edible of course and headed home to get to work. We ended up making and cutting the shapes out of our own homemade ginger bread, and putting the Haunted House together with frosting and lots of different kinds of sugars and such. We of course decorated it with many candies of varying shapes, colors and textures. We even went as far as making a grave yard behind the haunted house using candy bones and etc to make it look really neat. We cut headstones for the grave out of graham crackers, and wrote names on them with frosting and tips. It turned out really cute, and really huge! By the time we were done adding new things, graveyards, spooky trees, and etc. our edible Haunted House ended up taking up our whole dining room table! It looked amazing and my son and I were so proud of ourselves. In fact we were soo proud that none of us even wanted to take it apart to eat it after
Halloween was over!

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