by Danny blanco
(La ca 90043)

We'll my problem is that it's my first time being a bearded dragon owner.. And we'll I purchased a juvenile a month ago and he's been doing well until the day I decided to bring another one to the family... That's when things began to change. Well, my older beardie started bullying the new ones and head Bobbing them, causing him stress. So I returned them the same week. The thing afterwards my little baby brother picked him up by the tail, he's fine and all but he's been stressing a lot, and he shredded that same week completely and idk he's been stressing inside and when I take him out he seems fine, idk help plz I want to be the best pet owner for my beardie ... So plz am I doing things right and my lights are 95 in the day with a repot 10.0 UVB and I got calcium everything he needs but idk , so yea.

You always want to house bearded dragons separately, they always tend to bully each other.
The temps should be between 100F and 110F on the basking spot, and in the 80s on the cooler side of the tank. You need to buy a temp gun to be able to measure the temps. You will want to provide two hides for them to de-stress, one on the hot side and one on the cooler side of the tank. You need to feed them crickets or some other form of bug protein 3 times a week. Every day provide the "hard greens" in a salad: collard, turnip, mustard, kale.

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Jul 14, 2014
by: Anonymous

Yea I have calcium .. and vitamin a .. I think it could be the light .... I'll tend to buy one ... He still stressing ... Thanks you help a lot I feel more at ease .... I'll go as soon as can to buy a hotter basking light. Is a 15 gallon enough for a small juvenile

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