Jealous bearded Dragon

Jealous Bearded Dragon I have had Rasta, my baby bearded Dragon for a year and a half. He is very jealous, and I did not know that was possible. At first I thought he just felt intimidated
by the dog being near, but it is true! He is extremely jealous. Whenever I give my dog any attention Rasta the bearded Dragon flares up and starts bouncing off the tank walls. A lot of
reptiles are very aerial, So in the last month or so I have put the tank up higher than the dogs eye level, and it is getting better. As long as he can not see the dog he is fine. There has been
a couple of instances that I swear he could hear me talking to the dog, because he has had a couple episodes when i knew he could not see the dog, maybe it was just coincidence.

I have taken him out and about, and around other dogs without him flaring his beard. So I know it is a jealousy thing, because I am not giving these other dogs attention as I do my own. So my advice
for keeping your jealous reptile from giving himself brain damage by trying to bust out of the cage, would be to put the cage in a spot that the object of jealousy is out of site and mind. Iguanas, on the other hand, can be better acquainted, it is a slow process.

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May 17, 2015
Me too but opposite
by: Anonymous

I seem to have the opposite my bearded dragon just looks at my dog as if to say what you fussing about. It's ironic because I thought my cats would be more of a problem but they just ignore him.
I can't decide whether my dog is going for my beardie or whether he just wants to play but he goes absolutely mental when i get my beardie out of the tank and gets so wound up he shakes.
any ideas on what to do to calm him would be great if I shut him out the room he just barks the whole time. I usually try and get him out while my son is in and will keep the dog occupied in another room

Jul 08, 2011
Draco & Bentley?
by: Angeles

I am so glad to hear I am not alone! Draco is a 9 month old, male, beardie I pretty much have treated like a dog from the very beginning. I would make sure to spend time with him (sometimes petting him for extended periods of time) or let him hang with me while I was running around. He just loved it! Well then, we got Bentley a 7 week old, male, "Shichon" who of course requires alot of attention ...,simply because of potty training, teething etc..., Draco never showed me his beard until he would see me spending time with Bentley. I even became self contious about talking to Bentley or aknowledging him anywhere near Draco. At times I allow them to get used to eachother while I hold Draco. Draco never reacts towards Bentley, I'm more concerned Bentley may accidently hurt him because he's in playmode most of the time (using his teeth). I do have Draco right in the center of everything & I'd hate to have to move him ... I'm hoping as Bentley matures they can become friends. Am I dreaming? Or is that genuinely possible?

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