Lost bearded dragon

When Draco got Lost -My bearded dragon, Draco, once slipped away from his basket, when we where on our way
to a camping. We realized it only when we reached our camp site. We were very scared, as it was impossible to find him, in this woods as there were many such lizards around. In fact, what we felt was that he must have been very happy to get his freedom back and would never come back. My kid was very unhappy and he kept looking for him all around. We had no mood to camp and we spent two days just looking for him all over the site. Draco has been very naughty, since his childhood.

He would never prefer staying in his cage, in fact would always roam around in the house. But the best part about him was that, wherever he would go, in the night he would be back in his cage. Just on these grounds we kept our hopes. But when after two days he didn't returned we felt we were wasting our time. But I must say it was a miracle, when on the third day he returned and made everyone happy. My son's joy had no boundaries and we finally enjoyed our camp. Don't let your bearded dragons out of your sight!

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