Model city project for school.

Model City: When I was studying my 10th standard, I was asked to participate in a science exibition. We chose to create a Model City, which conserves water and energy in many ways. The model had the following features or parts: 1. A house that collects the rain water and stores it in a water tank. 2. The house also consists of a miniature windmill to generate current for its own use. 3. A cultivation land that has a layer of polyethene sheet to reduce the amount of water lost by land obsorption. 4. A miniature sewage treatment plant to purify the sewage water to use in cultivation fields. Initially we created this model as a static model and then, we decided to convert it into a working model. Hence, we created the roof of the house building into a water proof compartment. Then connecting the outlet pipes to the watertank below was straight forward.

The water tank below is to be used to water the plants in the household through a process called droplet irrigation. This is achhieved by putting holes at regular intervals on the outlet tubes of the water tank. The water leaking out of the tube are made to fell on the plant directly, thus reducing the amount of water being used. The cultivation field was created by placing a thick sheet of polythene and putting 3 handfuls of soil on it. Mustard seeds are spread over this cultivation land. Then watering this area will help the seeds to grow. The reason for selecting the mustard seeds is that, the rate of growth of these seeds is high. The waterproof sheet of polythene is useful to retain the excess amount of water used for the irrigation. This makes the soil wet most of the time. The model was a grand success and that fetched us first place.

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