Model volcano project

This is how I made my model volcano. First I went outside to a 4ft tall dirt hill in my yard from a previous project. So i wondered if I could make a simple Vinegar and baking soda volcano super sized. So I shaped the big bound of dirt into a mountain shape put a 6inch wide hole at the top and about 2ft deep. After that I decorated it with some green paint to give it some detail. I put a little town at the bottom with some people to to cover with lava when i set it off just for fun :).

Anyways after i set it up I got about pound and a half of baking soda and about 1 and 1/4 gallon of vinegar and poured the baking soda in first and vinegar second oh i added red dye to the vinegar to give it effect of lava. Since my volcano was big with hole and all i lined it with a cut out trash bag in the hole to keep the vinegar and baking soda from being absorbed by the dirt. So everything is setup once baking soda was added and red dyed vinegar it reacted together flowed crazily out of the top and destroyed the town below with all the people to, I really liked it it was fun I hope you like it to.

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