My haunted house model ideas

Here are some haunted house model ideas I hope you like them. Model Haunted House The door (possibly made of cardboard) will have a skeleton head (possibly plastic toy) hanging on top. Inside the house a skeleton (possibly plastic toy) puffing cigarette will be sitting on a sofa-set made of cactus plant & in front of it a coffin instead of a table. There would be a glass (a plastic toy) full of red color (signifying blood).On the wall (possibly made of cardboard) a clock (a toy) with its hands showing 12 o?clock would be present. The kitchen will consist of a table erected (possibly made of cardboard).On top of it a platter (a plastic toy) can be placed which will be full of different body parts of a human being (a dismantled human toy should work).A skeleton woman (possibly plastic toy with long hairs on head) will be holding a sword (a plastic toy).By adding some more creativity we can opt for a sound recording which plays horrifying sounds like shrieks & cries.

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