my new bearded drsgon spike

by lynda bayliss
(buckinghamshire )

A week ago i got a bearded dragon that the owner could no longer look after. She told me that she had not been able to feed him for about two weeks -no greens or bugs.
So i said i would take him when i brought him home it was so hard as i have never had any thing other then cats and dogs.
I looked up a lot of info as what they can and can't eat, how hot the tank should be and my sister who owns dragons also helped me.
At first, spike would not eat and never moved much as he had this big wood chips stuff in his tank and no light were working so we bought new lights and lots of crickets (that he hated lol) when he refused to eat i went out and bought mealworm and locusts i also bathed him and sprayed him twice a day.
Now a week on, spike is doing great he is greedy with his food lol can eat a fair amount and he is back on crickets.
He has started eating his greens only a little but its a start. I would never had thought owning a beardie would be so cool but i love him to bits he loves sitting on his log and basking he hates baths so I don't think i will do it all the time. He loves being sprayed with water he is the newbe of my little family and fits in just great even the cats love to sit and watch (i only hope they are being kind and not thinking snack) lol.

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