My strange haunted house ideas

Model haunted house: Creating model haunted house is fun especially to your beloved children. It should resemble like an old hutch with unhygienic or cave like or jungle like surroundings. First for making a hutch, it is better to have a normal size of cardboard box and make its top area to a triangular position. Every edges of box have to be damaged and make some unshaped holes in an irregular manner. Take a cup of soil and mix with water. This paste has to be applied on entire outer area of box. On its damp condition, you can spread handful pieces of dry grass. Now it will look so unhygienic. Around this hutch, spread some wet mud and small
stones with dry grass and wet sand and soil. Also you have to plant some dry sticks with dry grass and leaves. To create a kind of horror haunted house look, you can spread some drops of blood red color and black color solution here and there on and around this hutch. Inside the hutch, you can fix a small yellow color dim torch bulb invisibly and make it to light.

Also you can spread some pieces of chicken dry shapeless bone pieces and cut nails unevenly. It will create definitely a kind of threat especially for children. Slightly you can reshape the hutch into an abnormal appearance. Get some dry grass and spread them on top area and around the hutch. If it is possible you can use some dry coconut broom sticks and can spread them on entire area of the hutch. It is also fine to burn some elements and create some black and gray color ashes heaps. Take a little piece of banana squash and mix it with red and light brown color (even you can use a little quantity of strong filter coffee for brown color mixture) and spread them in four to five areas in an unrecognized manner. It should not be predicted by any one what it is actually. Apart from all these things, it is better to create smoke. To create smoke, you can use any kind of one or two scented sticks and you have to place them invisibly. Spreading some kind of little noise of horror music by any handy stereo system unpredictably is your choice.

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