My "sun", pardon the pun -solar system

My "sun", pardon the pun, is asking about the world and "what it looks like from the outside". After a couple of days of annoying questions with me replying, "look in a book", I decided to create his own solar system, I say create because I have no artistic skill what-so-ever. I didn't get around to this quickly until one day my son came into the room baring, in his tiny hands, a large book which towered over him. "Our Universe" was the name of this gargantuan book. I opened it up to the page. I looked around the room. I grabbed Some office paper, scrumpled it up. "Look son, it's the earth!" Without looking at my son, I grabbed office paper after office paper and glued itall together and created the white solar system. My son left the room displeased and with no further interest. Great success!

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