New to beardies

by Rhoda
(Cody, Wy)

I recently went to work for our local pet store and fell in love with the beardies (as we call them). The one that was there when I started was a fairly good sized one and I called him Jake. Well before I knew it Jake found a new home....SOOO I have ordered one, have my habitat set up and am excited to get my baby home. Question I have is-- is it alright to put artificial greenery in the tank instead of a real plant. I do not want to put anything in with him that would hurt him.

Thanks for any help
a new beardy Mom

I have seen others doing that, but have not myself. I didn't because I thought there would possibly be some confusion for my dragon -and he might start trying to chew on the fake plant. Even so, I've never heard of anyone with a story about how their dragon tried to eat a fake plant, -but the possibility is there.

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