Overcrowded bearded dragons

We have three bearded dragons and we love all of them,
although one of them is a little "slow". Lilly chases our
other girl Bonny around the tank thinking her tail is a meal worm.

We don't feed them meal worms all that often, they are
used only to tide them over while the horned worms are being shipped. We have tried everything we could despite
seperating them. We just don't have enough room for 3 90
gallon tanks. Eventually Bonny just started fighting back,
so when we give them dandelion, which I only recommend as a treat and you should always blow them off to make sure there aren't any foreign bugs, Bonny bombards Lilly until she has had her fill of them. Bearded dragons are wonderful pets to keep, and I would recommend them to anyone interested in acquiring a pet lizard.

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