Puff our dragon and his feeding

by Haley
(Seattle, Wa, AmericaTips at bottom)

He is great, I got him on craigslist for 100 dollars with everything tank, hiding place. Anyways the guy who had him for eight months, or since he was a baby he was feeding him only 2 crickets once a week. Ugh, he was a cheap dude, apparently you are supposed feed him like every two day or three days...something like that and 10-12 the days you feed him that, if we hadn't found out he wouldn't have survived for much longer. It was mad animal torture.. anyways you are not supposed to feed him apples every day but once a week because they can't poop. Thanks Dennys pet world for clearing the air.
Overall don't feed him apples every day, and if you want a bearded dragon get them at about 8 months old - one an half at craigslist i know one named wiley on craigslist right now for everything 100 dollars if you live in bothell kirkland or that area it is your lucky day.

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