recess for bearded dragons

by taylor
(maryland, usa)

I own two bearded dragons. appa and azula. i got these names from the show "avatar the last airbender". i love that show. anyways. i have their tanks by the window and when its really sunny, they bump into the glass and seems like they want to go outside. i decided one day that i would put them on a leash and take them outside. it was about 98 degrees and i must say, they loved it. beardies are very curious creatures. they were roaming around on the deck and licking everything. they would just lay under the sun and close their eyes. i asked my vet about taking them outside and he said," the sun light is great for them, just an hour out in the sun is equivalent to a whole day under a basking light." since then, ive taken them outside alot but when it gets cool, i let them stay inside. i have noticed a difference in them, they are much happier and active when they have time in the sun. one tip if you decide to do this, dont ever put them in a glass cage outside. this will bake them to death because of the reflection from the glass. i use a wired cage. much safer.

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