Sandbox volcano project

in the third grade the school i had a huge sand
box. in my memory it was about 10 feet by 30 feet. for
our science class me and a group of friends decided to build
a model volcano. it took us two days to build out of
sand, and ended up being nearly 5 feet tall with a base
diameter of about 6 feet. this sand box was also about 3
feet deep but was packed in really tightly down at the
bottom. after we built it our teacher let us add the old
baking soda and vinegar mix to make it erupt. for a
realistic lava we added dye to the mix to color it, when
it erupted, it shot 2 feet roughly above the mouth of the
volcano. and when it was all done a section of the
sandbox was red until the next time it rained, which
seemed like a really long time when i was that age. But anyway and creating a model volcano can be really fun and educational.

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