School volcano model project

My School Day - Science Project. It was a wonderful day in my
my school life, when I participated in a science project. The
model I did was about a volcano. I went to my school library
and searched many volcano related books. Finally I got a few
hints and knowledge about volcanos after referring to those
books. I made points out of it and shared my ideas with my
parents. My father helped to make a model volcano. With the
help of my father, below mentioned in detail, is how I
created a model volcano. It was very easy to make a model
volcano using the below items that are easily available to us
or nearby stores. Below mentioned are the items required to
make a model volcano: Baking soda and food color, Vinegar
solution, A plastic bottle, Chemical Clay or plaster of
paris. A wooden ply of big size to make the base of a
volcano, Rock paper or brown spray to paint, Red chalk
powder, Saw dust, with these items, we can make a model
volcano, following the below steps.

Cut the wooden ply in proper size generally greater than the base of a volcano that we need. Cover the wooden ply with brown rock paper or spray brown paint to give a look of a mountain area. Cut the plastic bottle into small cup and place on the wooden ply. Cover the plastic bottle with the clay or plaster of
paris to cover the bottle ridges. Color the clay using
spray paint and sprinkle yellow shaded paint on the brown
painted clay to bring a look of a volcano. Once the clay
and the paint is dry. Add the baking soda with some drops of
water, food color into the bottle. Mix well and then pore the
vinegar solution into the mixed solution in the bottle,
within few seconds it looks like a real volcano erupting. The
molten mass that comes out of this model volcano, will be in
thick red hot molten resembling the real volcano. . I also
prepared small notes about volcanos to explain our honorable
chief guest, Principal, teachers, students and the audience.
I learned from this model that making a volcano model as our
project is filled with lots of fun, excitement and that
yields valuable knowledge in science.

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