scientific exhibition Solar system

School is a place where the scientific attitude of the students is cultivated. Every school conducts a scientific exhibition to
exhibit the scientific skills in students. The teachers serve as guides in this effort. Making a model solar system is one of the most preferred exhibit items of school students, because the
solar system which contains the sun and its nine planets orbiting around it creates a lot of interest in the young minds.

A food ball can be used as the model of the sun. Balls of different sizes can be used as planets which go round the sun. The bigger ball which represents the sun may be wrapped up with
bright golden yellow color paper. Other balls of different sizes may be covered with color papers of different shades. All these balls may be suspended using threads tied to the wheel frame of the bicycle, keeping the sun in the center and the other nine balls hanging around it in the darker area of the room. These may be illuminated with hidden lights. The bicycle wheel frame
may be fixed in such a way that it is not visible to the visitors. The name of each planet may be written on each ball with different colors. Students participating in this work may be trained to explain the exhibit.

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