solar system assignment

In the fifth grade, I build a model of the star Jupiter, and its surrounding moons. I had been fascinated with both the planet, as well as the God it had been named for, for quite a while, and
was very excited to create a project showcasing what I knew. Unfortunately, then as now, I lack any and all forms of artistic ability. I also didn’t know how to budget time very well. And I
certainly had no idea what “to scale” meant. Several days before the project was due, I finally told my mother about it, and insisted that she drive me to the arts and craft store. There, I learned something very important: minors cannot buy spray paint. Mom had to purchase all 5 cans of spray paint for me (orange, yellow, black, red, and white), as well as the Styrofoam balls I intended to use to represent the planets, the sticks I planned on sticking them on, and the Styrofoam base. At home in our basement, I learned something else: spray paint dissolves
Styrofoam. It just melts it away. Mom wasn’t going to take me back to the craft store, though, so I had to make it work. I ended up crumpling up anything I could find into a round-ish shape (nardboard, tin foil, whatever), and proclaiming later, to my teacher, that not all of Jupiter’s moons are, in fact, perfectly round – which would explain the crater-y, falling apart looking pieces I used. Luckily, my knowledge of Jupiter
and its major moons was better than my artistic interpretation of them, and I still managed a respectable B+ grade for the assignment.

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