solar system model for 6 year old

The greatest part about working with small children under the age of 6 is their absolute command of imagination. One day we decided to make a solar system model after watching a program about the solar system and looking at several books about the solar system. The science program we watched was geared towards early childhood, so to make it cartoon-like the foundation had included an alien as a cartoon guide through the solar system, including a spaceship. We worked as a large group painting all the planets and getting our solar system ready. That night I assembled the solar system and had it ready for the class the next day.

The class looked really disappointed and I just passed it off as it just not being really an interesting project for little kids and thought we'd go onto the next activity. Low and behold, three kids said I was missing something and they pulled out planets from their back pack they had made at home for the alien guide that was on our science cartoon about the solar system. We now have a solar system model which includes the planets Zelp, Tall and Frofro. I bought an alien spaceship and stuck it in there as well. It may not be scientifically correct, yet those kids keep on asking more and more questions about the solar system and we have had several awesome days talking about it and wanting to grow up to be astronauts or astronomers because of adding those planets!

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