Strange model city ideas

you could make a city made fully out of mathematical
shapes. the theme can be anything -for example about
preventing pollution... you can make sign boards made of
triangle shapes. houses made up of triangles and
rectangle. small rocks in the shape of ovals. tall
buildings in the shape of rectangles.. a semicircle
bridges. frustum like waste baskets. a playground in the
shape of a square.. inside the ground u could make sea-
saws and swings. u could make a windmill in the sides...
a school with children near the sides... buses made of
toothpaste boxes and wheels of bottle caps. small shops
could be made out of square boxes. an ice cream shop with
a ice cream cone on top . semicircle bushes and clouds .
Christmas trees can be made by sticking triangle shapes
below one after the other. fences can be made using
chocalate bar sticks kept closely. a big tower with a
round clock at the top would be really good.

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