the nice but mean beardie

Yy beardie Omega is nice to me but jumps out of everybody elses hand. I'm worried he might hurt his little head and his sand in his tank is dirty and every time I clean -it literally gets dirty within 5 min. I really need to know what's the best sand to get, also he dosent seem to like his food I got him -super worms he can't eat them because hes too small and I give him crickets that had eaten protein and I don't think he likes it or hes just allergic and he doesn't get along with any other animal in the house. A puppy that's only abput 6 months old -what do I do WHAT DO I DO!!!!!


I would remove the sand, -sand can be ingested while they're eating and cause impaction. The worms are too big, meaning you need to feed him smaller worms -his mouth should be bigger than the size of the bug. A dragon would not get along with a dog, -they're probably intimidated by them, dragons are solitary creatures.

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