The World's most Famous Dragon- "Sunny" Corleone

by Lorraine

I went to Whitie's Pet Store in Fresno one night before going to the Gym, NOT intending to buy a pet, but just for like a little fun "field trip" like going to the Zoo, before my workout. Little did I know I was just about to fall in love! With a stinkn'LIZARD!
I first saw my yellow-orange Citrus/ Sandfire Dragon gazing regally at me
from his branch. When I stroked him on his noggin, he closed his eyes and lowered his head as if he were in Heaven. At that time, I had never even heard of Bearded Dragons. I went right home and started doing research, and bought him the very next day.
Our "Sunny" Corleone has become a source of joy to me and my husband, Danny. At first he was a bit disappointed I got a lizard instead of the dog he's been wanting. Now, he wouldn't give up Sunny for anything.He's better than a dog to us. We have a hard time keeping him off us long enough to bask. He can spend hours after dark stuck sleeping right on our shoulder, keeping warm. We call him the "Velcro Baby", one of our many nicknames for him. As a matter of fact, he's sleepin' on my shoulder right this minute as I'm typing this out! I worry because he doesn't seem to like his veggies and he doesn't poop very much at all, for this reason I'm taking him to the Herp Vet next Monday as everything I've tried hasn't worked too well-pear Baby Food, lots of baths, even mineral oil! Still, he seems very happy and healthy, maybe it's just because it's winter and he isn't eating too much. Whatever,all we want to do is keep him as healthy as possible so we can love him for just as long as we can. Dragons Rule!!

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