Third grade Moon project.

When i was in the third grade we started learning about outer space in science class. I was immediately hooked and when it became time to do a project which involved making a model out of an important object in outer space. I picked the moon and started to learn as much as i possible could about it, the effect its gravity had on the tides and the tectonic plates and also its history and mysterious creation. By the end of learning about the moon i was in love with it but i had one problem i was not good at the second step of the project.

Creating a model of the moon turned out to be one of the more infuriating and difficult projects i have ever had to do and foreshadowed my future trouble with arts and pottery class. My plan was to make it out of a clay like material but without the help of my dad it never would have been completed. The ironic thing was i got an A on the project and was given praise for the accuracy of my clay moon. In the end i learned a valuable lesson, i loved learning about science as long as it didn't come at the expense of me having to make a clay model of it.

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