Ugly model volcano!

When I was in the third or fourth grade I constructed what
had to have been one of the ugliest model volcanoes ever
made. I was only 9 or 10 and I remember I did not receive
any help from my parents. Because I did not receive any help
I did not go the traditional baking soda and vinegar route.
It could be, that the assignment did not call for a "working
volcano", I can't remember. I remember that I ended up using
paper to create a cone-like shape for the model volcano. I
then went around the neighborhood and collected a bunch of
found items such as dead grass, red and orange plants and a
fair amount of dirt and probably some garbage.

I then glued all of this stuff to the aforementioned cone, in as realistic a way as possible. I'm sure my mom or dad looked at me quite strange as they no doubt tried to figure out what I'd made. To my teacher it probably appeared as if my family was "just
getting by" if you know what I mean. I eventually brought it
to class and have very little memory of what my teacher said.
The only thing I do remember is that I received the most
"resourceful" award out of all of the other model volcanoes!

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