Volcano model with problems

The Volcano without a hole. The most important difference
between a volcano and a mountain is that a volcano has a
whole in the top. It was this simple little forgotten
detail that really set the tone for my attempt to build a
model volcano. In a rush to build my volcano on the last
weekend before it was due I had layered on the paper
mache to make the base of my volcano. Completely
forgetting to leave a space open I covered up the top of
the liter bottle and sealed up my volcano. Not noticing
until the paper mache had dried I had to rush to come up
with a way to save my volcano.

Remembering a trip to Crater Lake recently and how a volcano does not always have to have an open top I had a brilliant idea. Punching holes into the top of my volcano I cut off the top and
loosely placed it back on. Now when my volcano erupted,
the top of my mountain would explode, just like Crater
Lake. My volcano was not the best at the fair, it did not
win any prizes but I was happy to see so many smiles on
the other peoples faces when it did something that no one

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