Weird Moon project

One day, Meera?s teacher was taking the environmental
science lesson on Day and Night. All the students of
grade 2 including Meera were asked to submit their
project of model making the natural sources of light.
Meera was a very studious and excellent in her studies.
She was also very prompt with her work. Besides, she was
perfect too. She went home that day and asked her mother
to buy her a thick big thermocol. She explained to her
mother about the project. Her mother purchased the
thermolcol sheets from the stationery shop and also
suggested verbally some ideas in which she could carry
out her project at home.

First she drew a half moon day
with a sketch pen with a thick line. Then her mother
heated the knife so that Meera could easily cut the moon
drawn with out any squeaking noise. She then used the
silver pen to colour the silverish moon. She also made a
few stars and cut it similarly. Then she stuck it on a
thin thermocol sheet. She beautifully coloured the plain
thin sheet light blue to depict the sky. Her teacher was
thrilled to see her moon model and she managed to do it
all alone without her mom?s help and thus score A+ grade.

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