Yet another volcano project...

Last year I had to make a model volcano for a science
fair project. Hence I did some research on the subject
and found out that all the ingredients and materials
required were available in my home. 6 cups of flour, 2
cups of salt, cooking oil and water were the materials I
used for my brilliant creation. I mixed the flour, salt,
oil and water in a big bowl. After sometime it became
very smooth. It was then I got an idea to add food
coloring, and it gave the outcome, the dough?s color was
changed. In its gray color the dough exactly looked like
a mountain side. Then I started assembling the volcano. I
placed a plywood sheet on a flat table and kept a clean
soda bottle in the center and attached it with glue. Now
it was time to make some paper balls by rolling
newspapers. Those balls were placed around the bottle and
pasted it. Then I kept the dough prepared earlier on the
surface and rolled it with a rolling pin. My intention was
to form a thin sheet. This sheet was placed over the
model, and the dough over the opening of the bottle was
carefully removed.

It was the time to unleash my
creativity. I painted the volcano brown and made the
models of trees and men. Left out dough was of use. I
thought it would be amazing if I painted red streams at
the opening of the volcano, hence I did it. I allowed the
model to dry for almost 24 hours. Then I added 1
tablespoon of dish soap, a tablespoon of baking soda, few
drops of food coloring and a small amount of water into
the soda bottle. Everything was ready and I waited for my
students to come. After a few minutes all were ready on
the spot and it was the time for eruption. I added a
quarter cup of white vinegar into the soda bottle and
stood back. Yes! Eruption occurred .I taught my students
about the volcanoes and explained to them about the
chemical reaction that occurred between the baking soda
which is a base and the vinegar, which is an acid. They
were amazed to know that the eruption results from the
release of the carbon dioxide gas that is created by the

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